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Trista Taylor

I left Google after 11 years to found Regroup, where we help teams work better together

Great teams make it safe to speak up, even over Zoom

Google’s multi-year research project studying team effectiveness, Project Aristotle, revealed that the number one element of successful teams is Psychological Safety. Psychological safety is the shared feeling that it’s safe to speak up, admit a mistake, ask for help, or challenge the status quo. When a team with shared goals is working in an environment with uncertainty, these qualities enable them to discuss difficult topics, hear feedback, explore new ideas, and learn from failure. Psychological safety is the foundation of trust and teaming behaviors. Without it, we are each just posturing for approval.

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Why I left Google to start Regroup

I walked away from a dream job. Each year, 2 million people apply to work at Google. My spouse always told me, “you’ll never leave, they give you free pancakes.” Yes, the pancakes there are amazing, but what made it really hard to leave were the amazing people, the incredible opportunity to make a difference in the world, and the golden handcuffs. So, why did I do it? And, how?

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